When people consider visiting another destination such as the harbour city of Sydney, one of the reasons a lot of folks cite is “I don’t wanna be stuck in a hotel room for weeks on end!”

Well have you ever considered renting an apartment on travel?

“Isn’t that prohibitively expensive?”

Renting a lavish beach house is expensive, renting a furnished studio can be cheaper than renting a hotel for the same amount of time.

“Wait a minute, you can rent a studio apartment temporarily?”

In most towns around the world, you’re not getting your foot into an apartment if you don’t have first month’s rent, last month’s rent, a deposit, and you’re willing to sign a twelve month lease. In a city like Sydney, on the other hand, the owners of apartment buildings know that by restricting their apartments to permanent residents, they’re missing out on the fact that their city plays host to thousands upon thousands of visitors every year.

Furnished Properties offers a rental home in just about any price range, any size, you could possibly need, from modest studios to four room houses. Whether you’re putting the whole family up or just taking a week down under with your lover, you’ll find something that’s just right either short term or long term.

The benefits to renting your own place in Sydney are almost too numerous to even begin listing, but for starters, have you ever visited New Orleans or the Florida Keys or Alaska, gone on a fishing trip, and wondered how the heck you’re gonna cook the thing now that you’ve caught it? What about buying fresh produce right off a farm in Montana? You can’t cook in a hotel, you can in an apartment.

Not to mention, Sydney is known for its pubs and bars. Do you really want to be sleeping off a hangover only to have housekeeping banging on the door three hours after you finally crawled into bed? If you’re staying more than a night or two, furnished rentals are really the only way to go about it.