sydney tower

One of the best parts about having Sydney CBD accommodationis being in the heart of Sydney, shopping, sightseeing, and tall city skyscrapers, including Sydney Tower. An afternoon of sightseeing and learning about the history of the tower followed by an evening of luxurious dining will leave you with some of the most amazing memories of Sydney.

Centrepoint Shopping Centre first opened in 1972, but the tower was a feat of of engineering that continued for nearly another decade. Barrel units were built individually to form the tower shaft before they were raised to the top. The turret itself is made of 46 individual 27 tonne units forming the shaft. They were welded together and then hoisted by crane as they were completed with the necessary accoutrements like hydraulic risers, stairwells, and lift rails. Once the shaft was erected, the spire was placed atop Sydney Tower to complete Sydney’s tallest structure at 309 metres.

Sydney Tower, which is called the “Rusty Nail” by Sydneysiders, provides a wonderful view of the city from its observation decks, restaurants, or coffee lounge. The Observation Deck allows you to see Sydney from 250 metres above the ground, day or night, and enjoy the 360 degree view of the far-off Blue Mountains, Sydney Harbour, or Botany Bay through the pristine windows or one of 19 binoculars set up for your use.

You can take your Sydney Tower experience to the literal next level by taking the Skywalk, an outdoor tour along the roof of the Rusty Needle. You’ll spend a full hour moving along walkways that are the same breathtaking height as the Eiffel Tower, attached safely to a harness as you gaze out across Sydney Harbour and over the city while guides describe the view below.

Finish your visit with authentic Australian dining at one of the Tower’s restaurants by enjoying a meal with fresh seafood or native meat along with even more spectacular views of this glittering city by day or night. After you enjoy a nightcap, your room or apartment is just a short stroll away.