sydney tower

I’m on my first trip ever to Sydney, Australia. I’ve already gotten a good head start on planning my travel and accommodation in Sydney. I hope to visit all the major tourist attractions while I’m there!

I’ll begin at the Taronga Zoo. The Taronga Zoo has animals typical of other zoos, but I am more interested in its native Australian habitats. I have never before had a chance to see animals like kangaroos, Australian sea lions, platypuses, and Australian night creatures up close. The Taronga Zoo also provides keeper talks during which I’ll have an opportunity to learn more about the koalas and Tasmanian Devils.

I also look forward to completing the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. Even though it is 134 metres at its tallest point, the bridge climb is quite manageable for those who are in good health and reasonably fit. Even better, three different walks are available at several times of the day, so there’s sure to be one to fit my needs.

A side trip to the Blue Mountains is an adventure I won’t want to pass up. The city of Katoomba is said to provide some of the best views of the region, such as The Three Sisters, a rock formation that looks exactly like, well, three sisters.

It will be fun, too, to mingle with the real Sydneysiders as I cycle through Centennial Park. Centennial Park is a green oasis just a few kilometres from Sydney’s central business district. With dedicated cycling paths and beautiful surrounds, it will also be a nice break from all the busy excitement of sightseeing.

My ultimate grand finale will be a concert in the Sydney Opera House. I’ll make a night of it, thanks to the several dining options at the Opera House. Maybe I’ll even take advantage of one of the Opera House tours so that I can learn more about this iconic location. In the end, though, I know the performance will really be the high point of my first visit to Sydney.